he most important lesson we've learnt over the years is to not get over-focused on the technology stacks. Vastly more important are the soundness of the business model and the quality of the content.

Choose your platform wisely - and we can help you make sure that you go with a vendor who has deployed several systems and has some good reference clients with all the necessary warranties in place. But, at the end of the day the platform won't amount to more than a tenth or less of the operating costs.

Content will be your single biggest spend... followed by network distribution costs. That's where you should focus most of your energies. Because SVOD is an "all you can eat" service, and TVOD is such a "marketing intensive model", it takes a very creative biz model that will generate attractive profit margins to go in any direction. 


But what would a king be without all the services that need to be provided to him? That's where we come in!

MediaInternet provides the beauty parlor, the nail clipping and polishing, the emperor's new and old clothes and many of the things necessary to make your content look fit for a court! Content Owners & Platforms have tremendous needs and challenges ahead of them, and we help to put some order into all of that, to help:

  • Driving content sales.
  • Reducing time to market.
  • Reducing handling cost of delivery.
  • Handling several sources of metadata / taxonomy conversions.
  • Handling the diverse requirements for different delivery formats.
  • Efficiently delivering content for different platforms and channels in the most time and cost efficient way.
  • And maximizing revenue potential for on demand services.


To help thru all of this, these are the content services we provide...

Click on any of the links above and read on: there's nothing like good content! 

A Sample of Content Services Clients